FAQ–Custom Fish Processing Services

Custom Fish Processing with the Cedars Lodge

After we get done with our day of fishing, we will drop your catch off to be processed the way you would like.  The fish are cut, cleaned, vacuum sealed, flash frozen, boxed and cold stored until shipping date of your choosing.  Salmon may be fresh or smoked.  Fresh options include whole fish, whole fillet, or 1 pound portions.  Smoked options are whole fillet, or 1 pound portions.

Ketchikan Fish Co

Cruise Ship Guests

For clients arriving on a cruise ship, optional fish processing services allow your catch to be processed to your order and then shipped to your home Fed-Ex Overnight.  You select the shipping date. The minimum order with our processor is 15 pounds of fillet weight.  Fed-Ex overnight charges for your total poundage.

Fly-In Guests

For our guests flying into Ketchikan, your fish can be shipped home or boxed to be carried on board as luggage on your return flight. (This is substantially cheaper than using Fed-Ex)


Ketchikan Fish Co

Fish Processing Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do we recieve our own fish?  Answer: Yes

Q:  What is the price based on?  Answer:  Fillet weight only not whole carcass.

Q. Will we have time to process fish when we do a charter off a cruise ship?   Answer:  YES! The fish processor is conveniantly located close to the cruise ship docks so it generally takes about 10 minutes to drop your fish off at the end of your trip.  If return time is tight, we take you back at the ship and then drop your fish.