Ketchikan’s Fastest Black Boat Fishing Charter with Ryno McRobert

Capt. Ryno McRobert

This is Captain Ryan.  My boat is BLACK.  Yours isn’t.. ha ha.    It’s fast too, wanna see it.  I’m from Oregon, Oregon is the best.  The best ever. Go Oregon!  you gotta see my new truck…it’s Black too.  Did I mention I’m from Oregon.  I fished there, in Oregon.  My fast black boat fished in Oregon too.  Oregon ROCKS!  By the way my new Black truck was in Oregon.  Now it’s in Kodiak.  Kodiak is almost as cool as Oregon.   I fished all over Alaska, it’s cool like Oregon.  Black is the new White.  Fiberglass boats suck.  My boat isn’t plastic…like some other boats are.  Plastic boats aren’t cool like boats that aren’t plastic.  My super fast non-plastic BLACK boat was made in Oregon.  That’s why it’s the best.  Halibut don’t just live in Alaska.  They live in Oregon too.  During the three weeks I fished last season, I took two weeks off to go to Oregon and California and Sitka.  But those other two aren’t cool, like Oregon.  I still caught lots of fish, mostly because my boat is fast.  It’s like a Ninja.  It’s got Ninja skills…ooooooohh yeeeahhhh.  The other week of my season I took my family fishing.  They came up from Oregon….and other places, but the other places aren’t as cool.


Fish with me cause my boat is  BIG, BLACK, AND FAAASSSSST!

Here is a pic of me in this super fast black rocket!



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Another Giant Halibut!