2012 Halibut Regulations

by Capt. Jim on January 21, 2012

Well it looks like the people in charge (IPHC, NOAA, ADFG, and lots of other acronyms and unnecessary government agencies) have decided to let us have a reverse slot limit for halibut fishing in Southeast Alaska this year (2012). What this means for the halibut angler traveling up to fish with us is that you can EITHER keep a halibut under 45 inches, or a halibut over 68 inches in length. Translated into pounds (most people refer to how much a halibut weighs, not its length) this means you can keep a halibut each day that is up to 43 pounds or over 163 pounds. Anything in the middle is going to get thrown back to the Pacific to continue breeding and make lots of baby halibut for future years.

While this is not our dream situation for Charter Halibut fishing, it is much better than last years regulations (one fish under 37 inches) and we are hopefully headed on the right path.


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