2013 Ketchikan Fishing Charter Outlook and Limits

by Capt. Clayton on February 24, 2013

Ketchikan’s fishing season is almost upon us.  Preparations are already underway for another summer of chasing Halibut and Salmon.  It looks like it’s going to be another busy year.  A few days back we began our annual “Spring into Fishing” conference calls to begin getting ready for the season.  During one of these “BrainStimulation” sessions, we calculated that Ketchikan Fish Company now has a combined 152 feet, powered by 2,439.6 Horsepower capable of taking 30 anglers fishing.  Since we were already on the slippery slope, we pressed on.  We are often asked by clients, “Do you think we will limit out today?”.  Many times this generates an auto-reply of “I don’t know, its according to how well you get them to the boat!”.  But today, we decided to calculate it out.  If you are seeking a limit of fish out of Ketchikan this summer, you will need to land approximately 270 fish assuming 6 non-resident anglers on the boat.  It breaks down to six halibut, six king salmon, 36 coho salmon, 36 chum salmon, 36 pink salmon, 36 sockeye salmon, 30 Pelagic Rockfish, 12 Non-Pelagic, 6 lingcod, 30 blackcod, 6 Salmon Sharks, 30 Spiny Dogfish, 18 Dungeness or Tanner Crabs, and 18 quarts of Alaska Spot Prawns while on the boat.  This doesn’t count the 60 razor clams, 30 rock scallops, and 60 weathervane scallops or many of the other species of fish that don’t have limits (Pacific Cod, Greenling, Skates, Octopus, Ratfish, Pollock, Arrowtooth Flounder) that might also be possible.  If you want a limit, you will need to land 67.5 half fish per hour or 11.25 fish/person per hour on our half day trip.  Honestly, your limit on any given day is TIME!  It’s not about dead fish, it’s about having fun fishing with friends and family.

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