Ketchikan Halibut Fishing 2013 Catch Limits

by Capt. Clayton on March 11, 2013

In January, IPHC confirmed the Board of Fisheries recommendation to keep the limits unchanged.  Southeast Alaska guided anglers will be able to retain 1 halibut per day, either Under 45 inches OR Over 68 inches.  Unguided anglers limits remained the same as 2012 as well, with two fish per day any size.  Hopefully this marks the end of our roller coaster ride in Southeast Alaska with new halibut regulations and limits every year.  Recently, ADF&G released the Southeast Alaska Rockfish regs and they are posted here.  Inside waters, outside waters, resident, and non-resident, as well as the new deep water release rule.  Rockfish2013

On another note, this looks to be a good year for Ketchikan Salmon Fishing.  Abundance Forecast is in the excellent range for Pinks.  It being an odd year, we should have a lot of fish around this Summer.  You can’t ever tell about Kings, but as of right now, I’m very optimistic.  It’s not really an indicator, but there have been a lot of Kings around all winter.

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